New Chronological Bible & Reader's Guide

I was excited to receive this in the mail today! Holman Publishers will soon release the DAY BY DAY CHRONOLOGICAL BIBLE, a "one-year Bible" that features the text of Scripture arranged in my chronological reading plan, with each day introduced by "Reader's Guide" notes.

How Word Studies Go Bad: A (Slightly Funny) Example

A few weeks ago, as I was preparing to teach the book of Philippians in Israel, I was translating the fourth chapter. Phil. 4:2-3 reads like this:

"I urge Euodia and I urge Syntyche to align their perspectives in the Lord! Indeed, I also ask you, true companion, help these women (literally, "them") who have labored alongside me, along with Clement and the rest of my fellow-workers whose names are in the book of life!" (Phil. 4:2-3)

"Social Media" Networks and the Christian Movement: Three Phases

My role last night [in a discussion on the relationship between Christianity and Judaism] was to discuss briefly the impact the printing press had on these two faith communities and the world. That set me thinking about various forms of "social media" and "networks" in their various expressions through the ages, and how Christians used such media for the sake of the gospel and the church.