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3 Reasons to Introduce Your Church to “The Heart of God’s Story” Video Curriculum This Fall

. . . early in the RBL initiative I felt that something was missing that I wanted to address—a concise picture of the power and beauty of the biblical storyline.  I wanted people to see the amazing, miraculous unity of the Scripture’s message, how the whole thing fits together around core themes that are life-changing once we grasp them.

3 Ways Leaders Can Teach the Bible’s Grand Story

Scripture presents us with a beautiful, powerful, overarching story. It has a meganarrative “backbone” that takes the reader of the whole Bible from the rhythmic beauty and order of creation, through the chaotic crisis of the fall, to the climax of the cross, and finally to the renewal of all things in the new heavens and earth. That “story” is at the heart of what God is up to in the universe, and at the heart of God’s story, we find our purpose in life. 

Touched by Biblical Beauty

The world may be "death impregnated," as one of my mentors used to say, and most of us know the bite of suffering in one form or another, but it also is brim-full of beauty because it everywhere bears the mark of his thumbprint, his "It was very good" (Gen. 1:31). The common graces of tastes, sights, touch, sounds, enduring friendship, love, joy, community. And much, much beauty has been squeezed into the world through the funnel of God's good Word, the Bible.