Read the Bible for Life

“Read the Bible for Life is transforming our church one life at a time . . .”
— Stan Sullinger, Adult Education, The Woodlands, TX

A 9-Week Small-group Study on How to Read and Apply the Bible to Life

Topics Include:

  • Reading the Bible for Life Change

  • Meeting God in the Scriptures

  • Reading the Bible in Context

  • Using Bible Translations

  • Understanding Old Testament Stories

  • How to Sing & Pray with the Psalms

  • How the Gospels & Acts Work

  • Understanding the Teaching of Jesus

  • Making Sense of Revelation

“Our hunger to read and know God’s word has been revived.”
— Janet Hendley, Silver Spring, MD

The video curriculum can be used stand-alone or as part of a whole-church strategy of training and reading/preaching through the Story of Scripture. Other tools include:

A book for going deeper into the topics covered in the video curriculum, or it can be used in place of the video curriculum as a 16-week training tool for small-group study. 

A 1-year Bible, chronological reading plan, with daily coaching in how to read the selection for the day and discussion questions at the end of each week. Can be used with any translation.

A Chronological Bible designed for reading through the Story of Scripture in a year. HCSB translation. The scriptures are arranged in 3 main "Acts," 17 "Scenes," and 6 daily readings per week. Clear Introductions to each week guide the reader step-by-step through the Story.


How to Use Read the Bible for Life in Your Ministry

Read the Bible for Life is designed as a 9-week curriculum for individuals or small groups, or as a whole-church experience. As people grow in understanding how to read and live the different parts of Scripture well, they meet the Living God in the Word in fresh ways. The study can be used to train the entire church in how to engage, understand, and apply Scripture, or an an annual study to train new members of your community. 30-minute video sessions are combined with small-group discussion and daily time with God in the Bible. The whole-church experience is powerful, as people read the Bible individually, discuss it in small groups, and experience a culminating worship service focused on a passage of Scripture read in the previous week.

“We are very encouraged by the participation, and find that reading the Bible through together, along with each week’s sermons that are from the readings — is helping create unity. Or, put another way, the Holy Spirit creates unity; maybe we’re just aligning with him more!”
— David Lilly, First Baptist Church, Brewster, NY
Dr. George H. Guthrie serves as the Benjamin W. Perry Professor of Bible at  Union University  in Jackson, TN.

Dr. George H. Guthrie serves as the Benjamin W. Perry Professor of Bible at Union University in Jackson, TN.


A Few of Dr. Guthrie's Books