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Why You Can & CAN'T “Do All Things Through Him Who Strengthens” You: Rethinking Phil. 4:13

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” I remember very well using Phil. 4:13 as a high school quarterback. It was my go-to, “can-do” passage, used as part encouragement, part promise, an easily-remembered verse telling me that I was not subject to the limitations of my own meager abilities but could expect help from God himself, if I depended on him. God would give me the ability to do above and beyond. 

"Strange" Emotions: 5 Very Biblical Longings Embodied in Superhero Movies

Last week my son and I finally made it to a showing of Doctor Strange. We are superhero movie fans, and this block-buster did not disappoint. We had a great dad-and-son outing. 

In recent years, it seems the world needs to be saved all over again every few months, and Marvel Studios and DC Entertainment are more than happy to take our money as we witness yet another deliverance.