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6 Ways the Psalms Sing to Our Fears

Let me be honest. At this stage of life, I sometimes struggle with fear. That gut-wrenching, cloud of dread that descends in the dead of night, shooting “what ifs” at my mind and heart. I can fear for my wife, my kids, myself. I am tempted to be afraid about finances, or illness, or the future. I fear incompetence, or making mistakes, or insignificance. Do you know what I mean? 

What the Old Testament Prophets Say to Us During This Election Season: 4 Thoughts

. . . the Old Testament prophets are as fresh and relevant as this morning’s blog roll; if we will but hear them, they speak powerfully to our current events.

So what might they say to us at this very interesting time in world history, especially during this fractious election season? Here are 4 thoughts (with 4 guidelines for reading the prophets explained along the way).