Read the Bible for Life

A 9-Week Small-group Study on How to Read
and Apply
the Bible to Life

Topics Include:

Reading the Bible for Life Change

Meeting God in the Scriptures

Reading the Bible in Context

Using Bible Translations

Understanding Old Testament Stories

How to Sing & Pray with the Psalms

How the Gospels & Acts Work

Understanding the Teaching of Jesus

Making Sense of Revelation

Sample Video from Session 1: "The Importance of Story"

“Seeing how the story fit together and developed so beautifully, changed my life.”
— John

A 1-Week Sample of The Heart of God's Story Curriculum in Issuu

How to Use Read the Bible for Life in Your Ministry

The Heart of God's Story is designed as a 6-week curriculum for individuals or small groups, or as a whole-church experience. As people experience the beauty and power of themes such as "Knowing God's presence," the church as the "New Temple," or "the extending of God's grace in the world," they are drawn into God's Story in fresh ways. The study has implications for community building, one's personal walk with God, evangelism, mission, worship, and many more topics.